The Hallet Independent Acquisitions Award, LOPF, UK (Award )

Posted: Monday, 08 January 2018

The Hallet Independent Acquisitions Award is a purchase grant for Museums, designed to enable a museum or gallery to acquire an original print for their collection. Applications will be invited from museums, public galleries and print collections across the UK. Applications must be received by Friday, 16 March 2018.

Application Guidelines 2018

The Award
The winning applicant will receive a sum of £8,000 to spend at the London Original Print Fair on a print or prints.
The winning applicant will agree to send a representative to the opening reception of the London Original Print Fair on Wednesday, 2 May, with authority to make the acquisition on behalf of the institution. The award must be used before the Fair closes on Sunday, 6 May.
The acquisition may not exceed £8,000 and may not contribute to a larger purchase.
The winning applicant will agree to credit The Hallet Independent Acquisitions Award as the source of funding for the acquisition, wherever it is mentioned or exhibited.

The Sponsor
Hallett Independent are brokers specialising in fine art and heritage insurance, committed to supporting museums throughout the country, especially in times of reduced funding and restricted budgets.

The application
Museums and galleries are invited to apply in the form of a letter outlining how the Award would enhance the collection. The selection committee is interested in hearing about the role prints play in your collection, and how or why you would like to expand your print holdings. You are encouraged to provide any details of what you might be looking for, and why.

Please email your application letter to

The selection committee
The selection committee will be chaired by The President of the Royal Academy, Christopher Le Brun.

The selection process and hotel stay
The selection committee will pick a shortlist of five institutions by mid April and notify them by email.
Hotel accommodation in central London will be provided for one curator from each of the five shortlisted museums for the evening of the opening reception and award announcement, Wednesday, 2 May. Announcement
The winner will be announced at the LOPF Press view, 5.30pm on Wednesday, 2 May.

The winning applicant will notify LOPF of their acquisition by the close of the Fair at 6pm on Sunday, 6 May 2018. The museum and acquisition will be publicised in press releases, on the LOPF and Ecclesiastical Insurance websites and other promotional materials.

For questions about the Award or application process
Please contact LOPF's Assistant Director, Caroline Manganaro: