'Open Heart Surgery - The value of museum collections', Belgium (Conference)

Posted: Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) have announced the theme of the 25th Annual Conference: "Open Heart Surgery - The Value of Museum Collections". It will be held on 9-12 November 2017 in Ghent, Belgium. Registration is now open and members of the IMA receive a 20% discount (120 Euro) on the conference fee.

Collections are at the heart of museums. As their core and basis, the Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) wants to take an open look at how museums operate with their collections nowadays. How do museums make their heart beat, how is it connected to other organs in the museum-body, to communities and to society?

We'll examine this question together with museum experts from all over Europe, who will present great ideas and best practices from contemporary collecting, and discuss the political and social effect museums can have on their environment in a digital and diverse society.

Click here to find out more about NEMO's 25th Annual conference, including the full programme, and register.