TWA Digitisation Grant 2017, NI (Funding)

Posted: Thursday, 01 June 2017

TWA (townswebarchiving) Digitisation Grant 2017 is now open for applications from museums, galleries, archives and libraries based in NI and across the UK. The closing date for applications is 7 July 2017.

The TWA Digitisation Grant was created in 2016 in response to the limited funding for cultural heritage digitisation projects being one of the primary barriers that UK heritage institutions faced when attempting to digitise and digitally preserve their collections.

There are two funding grants available:

Primary Digitisation Grant £5000
Secondary Digitisation Grant £2000

The Primary Grant of £5000 will be awarded to the winning institution/organisation, as selected by our judging panel (see below for details of judging process). Whilst the Secondary Grant will be awarded to the closest "runner up".

Every institution/organisation whose application is shortlisted will also receive an optional £500 of match funding to put towards digitisation.

How can the TWA Grant funding be used?

TWA Grant funding can be used for any UK-based digitisation project, excluding digitising 3D and audio-visual materials. For full details of how the funding may be used read our What we fund guide.

The Grant funding will be provided in the form of TownsWeb Archiving services: including digitisation, metadata transcription, optical character recognition (ocr), website design and/or digital asset management software.

How the funding is allocated between these services is entirely up to the applicant, however the project must include digitisation of some sort to be eligible.
Who is eligible to apply for the TWA Digitisation Grant?

The TWA Digitisation Grant is open to applications from all UK:

Public, private & charity Archives
Business/corporate Archives
Public & private Libraries

Click here to find out how to apply and download the Grant application form.