US Rangers Museum, Carrickfergus, reopens (Museum Development)

Posted: Thursday, 08 June 2017

Following a complete refurbishment this Spring, the US Rangers Museum at Boneybefore, Carrickfergus will reopen to the public on 17 June 2017.

The US Rangers, an elite American commando-style force, was set up during World War Two and remains the only US military unit to be formed on ‘foreign soil'. The 1st Battalion, US Rangers, under the command of their dynamic leader Col. William O. Darby, were activated at Sunnylands Camp, Carrickfergus on 19th June, 1942.

The original museum was first opened in 1994, following a 50th anniversary event when visiting US Ranger veterans generously gave their photographs and memorabilia to create a permanent exhibition. Now given a new lease of life, the new visually striking displays will include never seen before artefacts and photographs as well as extensive film footage.

The updated museum will offer a high quality visitor experience which aims to be a fitting tribute to the men who volunteered their services to the elite fighting force the US Rangers, in Carrickfergus and beyond.

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