Call for short film proposals, Ireland's Great Hunger Museum, USA (Commission)

Posted: Tuesday, 02 May 2017

Ireland's Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac University invites proposals for a short film (12-15 mins) aimed at audiences in the age range 10-13 yrs. on the subject of the Irish Famine / an Gorta Mór (1845-52). The deadline for submissions is 5 pm, June 9th 2017.

The film is intended for both classroom and individual use, will be widely promoted and distributed via online platforms, and supported by specially prepared educational materials.


- should be imaginative and original with the ability to engage young audiences within and beyond Ireland. We especially encourage visual and narrative approaches that explore the reality of the famine for children (e.g. having to abandon home in search of food, contemporary sights and scenes, the experience of the workhouse, the trauma family/friends emigrating etc.)

- can be live action, animation or a mixture of styles.

- can take a documentary, fictional or docu-drama approach but should be grounded in solid scholarship on the famine and its consequences.

- should be mindful of both the specificity of the Irish famine as well as its relationship to contemporary themes and circumstances - eg famine, displacement, refugees etc. (see Micheal D Higgins quotation below)

- must include reference (either directly or for illustration) to the collection held at Ireland's Great Hunger Museum, Quinnipiac University (

Funding for the project is up to €30,000*

(*to include all elements of production, delivery, archive, clearance etc.)

The film must be ready for delivery by FEBRUARY 2018

Project Co-Ordinator / Executive Producer of the Famine Film project is Dr. Tony Tracy

Submissions & Enquiries: