Archaeology 2025: Strategic Pathways for Archaeology in Ireland (Publication)

Posted: Tuesday, 02 May 2017

Archaeology 2025 is an initiative of the Royal Irish Academy, driven by the Academy's Standing Committee for Archaeology.

In 2015 the Standing Committee started the process of assessing the current state and future needs of archaeology on the island of Ireland. Recent social, economic and technological shifts prompted this strategic initiative, mapping out a sustainable future for the management, resourcing and promotion of archaeology in Ireland.

The Standing Committee is comprised of experts from the academic, commercial and public archaeological sectors throughout the island of Ireland.

The strategy is the result of an eight-month consultation process that actively involved a wide range of stakeholders at local, national, cross-border and international levels

It is a long-term strategy based on the key strength of an inclusive approach, with inputs from a broad range of interested parties: those within the archaeological profession as well as external stakeholders. Hence the recommendations are consensus-based and well developed.

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