Big Ideas Bootcamp, The Hunt Museum, Limerick (Conference)

Posted: Thursday, 05 January 2017

The Hunt Museum is convening the Big Ideas Bootcamp in Limerick on the 26 and 27 January 2017. This 2-day event will bring those interested in community engagement together to reflect on their own practice and confront shared issues.

Featuring a broad spectrum of activities such as action-oriented workshops, exercises that challenge us, and a special Night at the Museum, they aim to make this a conference with a difference: tough, fun, interactive, and ACTION-oriented. Through this process, the Hunt Museum will bring together expertise and experience to generate new ideas on how our practices can be more authentic and collaborative.

The programme will pivot around a central theme, new ideas in community engagement, with a specific focus on process. The camp will be a space where we can debate, collaborate and have exchanges. Participants' openness and honesty is integral to this process and will be key in the success of the camp.

Throughout the event the organisers will be running practical exercises on questions such as: How are people overcoming the barriers and ethical problems that have always plagued community engagement? How do we negotiate issues of voice, fairness, ethics and consent to create genuine collaborative practice? And most importantly: how can we generate radical new ideas to tackle these long-standing issues?

Places are free but pre-booking is required.

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