Proclaiming a Republic: The 1916 Rising: 'The Curatorial Team in conversation with Dermot Bolger', NMI (Lecture)

Posted: Friday, 29 April 2016

Members of the Curatorial Team of 'Proclaiming a Republic: The 1916 Rising' will be in conversation with Dermot Bolger on Saturday 14 May, 2pm, at the National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts and History, Dublin.

The National Museum of Ireland has the most significant range of artefacts associated with 1916. This event will take you behind the scenes to explore the wealth of objects associated with the Museum's Easter Week collections, some of which are in the, Proclaiming a Republic exhibition.

Find out more about the story behind these object and how they came into the Museum. Museum professionals Sandra Heise, Brenda Malone and Dr Darragh Gannon will give insight into how they developed the exhibition Proclaiming a Republic from inception to delivery.

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