Selling Objects from Museum Collections, Statement by NIMC (News)

Posted: Monday, 13 April 2015

The NIMC (Northern Ireland Museums Council) has joined a UK-wide group of organisations concerned with museum funding, membership and development that have released a joint statement saying that they will not seek to work with museums whose governing bodies choose to sell objects from their collections in a manner that contravenes the long-established Accreditation Standard and Museum Association Code of Ethics.

Click here to view the statement in full.

Accredited museums should be aware when considering this statement that:
- there is no change in the Accreditation Standard
- the statement has been produced as a direct result of recent unethical and non-compliant sales from collections, as well as known pressures across the country on collections
- the statement is designed to provide support museum colleagues in their work of protecting, developing, caring for and using their collections for the long term public benefit
- there is no policy change from any of the endorsing/author bodies
- existing guidance and advice still applies in the form of the MA Disposal Toolkit