On The Way To The Green Museum, Berlin (Conference)

Posted: Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Rathgen Research Laboratory, National Museums Berlin, Germany is hosting an International Scientific Workshop on 11-12 April 2013.

The ‘Green Museum' is a museum that embraces the concept of sustainability in its program, its activities and its physical presence.

The international workshop aims to bring together leading scientists and experts for presentations and discussions on three main topics:

1. Understanding environments
Adapting to and managing environments: light, climatic factors, climate change, air pollution, biocides and integrated pest management (IPM)
2. Understanding material behavior
Panel and canvas painting, paper and photography, modern materials including time-based media, wood, porous building materials, mural painting, metal,
glass, textile, mixed media, composites and conservation materials in response to environmental factors
3 The economic and ecologic dimension
Sustainability as key concept, re-evaluation of best-practices, tourism impact, capacity and capability, emergency and theft response

Registration is €150 (student rate €30).
After 15 February 2013, the registration fee is €200 (students €50).

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