2013 Micheletti Awards - Applications Welcome (Awards)

Posted: Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Luigi Micheletti Award is the European prize for innovative museums in the world of industry, science and technics. It is one of the leading activities of the Luigi Micheletti Foundation.

The Award is administered by the European Museum Academy and applications are invited from museums of any age. The new format of the Luigi Micheletti Award has three main features:

1. Its extension to examples of innovative and creative presentations and interpretations of collections, both of totally new museums or of existing institutions;

2. The inclusion of eligible candidates from the sector of science centres, visitors' centres and similar institutions;

3. The active involvement in the nomination and selection process of candidates of formerwinners and of other museums which have made a contribution to the development ofmuseological discourse in this specific area of interest.

Click here to visit their website for full details. Closing date for applications is 1 September 2012