Re-Thinking Technology in Museums 2011: Emerging Experiences (Conference)

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 Re-Thinking Technology in Museums 2011" invites submissions discussing:
- Conceptual approaches to studying the experiential qualities of visits (such as social interaction, development of a sense of place, learning and critical reflection);
- Descriptions of methodological approaches for understanding visitors' experience;
- Case studies describing museum's staff experiences in understanding and supporting visitors by means of technology;
- Case studies describing the design of interactive (low-tech and high-tech) exhibitions, and the deployment of other IT tools such as social media;
- Case studies describing the development of educational workshops and/or installations in museums and galleries aided by interactive technologies.
We encourage social scientists, museum education and communication experts, curators, exhibition designers, interaction designers and computer scientists to submit a paper.
We particularly welcome submissions from museum and gallery experts, describing their current practices in supporting visitors' experiences and their concerns in supporting visitors' engagement, interest and informal learning, as much as from researchers exploring the potential of new technologies and suggesting innovative designs.
The Conference will also include a workshop session hosted by the Irish Museums Association open to IMA members only (More details to be announced)

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