Natural History Museum Reopens ()

Posted: Sunday, 25 April 2010

The National Museum of Ireland reopened the 'Dead Zoo' building on 29 April 2010. Following closure in 2007 the building has seen some restoration works and will have improved access and new learning spaces.The Natural History Museum was built by the Royal Dublin Society and opened its doors for the first time in 1857. Over 150 years later it has changed little and is known to generations as the ‘Dead Zoo' a true museum of a museum.

Following the collapse of a section of the stone staircase in July 2007 the building was closed. After safety testing of the remaining stairs staff were allowed to return to offices in November 2007. A decision was taken at that time by the NMI, OPW and DAST to proceed with the major refurbishment plan. While that plan was being developed the change in state finances meant that the sum (€15 million) allocated under the NDP was no longer available. The decision was taken in early 2009 to carry out basic works to allow the building to reopen, something that was completed in April 2010.

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