Political Internships in Museums, NEMO (Advocacy)

Posted: Monday, 06 May 2019

The Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) have published a short guide to political internships in museums, the purpose and how it works.

The aim of organizing political internships at museums is to build a sustainable relationshipwith stakeholders, by offering them an unique experience.

On an average day politicians have to answer emails, read legislative draft proposals, participate in meetings. And when they do work visits, they often have to attend at presentations or do ceremonial activities. So basically they are always aware of the fact that they are a guest - and they behave like that.

When you offer them a unique experience to do an internship in a museum, to them it feels like a day off. Because they are in a different environment, and don't have to do the things they normally do on a work day. So that makes it an attractive offer.

By making the internship fun, you lay a good basis for a good relationship in the future. And that is what you want. If two persons try to make an appointment with you and you can only choose one, you're more likely to choose the person with whom you have a good experience. So basically it is spawning.

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