Call for Papers: NEMO European Museum Conference 2019, Estonia (CFP)

Posted: Thursday, 11 April 2019

NEMO European Museum Conference 2019 has issued a Call for Papers: Museums 2030-How museums can help build a sustainable future' to be held in Tartu, Estonia on 7-10 November 2019. The deadline for receipt of proposals is 31 May 2019.

Speak at the 27th edition of the NEMO's European Museum Conference on the topic of "Museums 2030 -How museums can help build a sustainable future".

Each year, NEMO's European Museum Conference brings together fascinating international speakers, who all provide insight into new museum trends and challenges. The aim is for delegates to be inspired by multi-facetted perspectives outside their own expert knowledge and to exchange with and learn from colleagues in Europe. In 2019, NEMO wants to showcase how museums can contribute in achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

NEMO invites you to shape the conference by submitting an innovative and forward-thinking proposal (should not exceed 400 words) for:

1.Workshops/interactive sessions, and/ or

Proposals for the workshops/ interactive sessions(60-80 mins), max. 25 participants must relate to the following subthemes:

- Museums working for peace and mutual understanding,

- Museums addressing injustice (work, social, financial injustice)

Questions that the workshop should bring up are: What is the main take away from the initiative that you have led? Which were the biggest challenges and how did you encourage understanding and change within your organisation?

2.Museum Slam presentation on Courageous Museums 

Proposals for the Museum Slam on Courageous Museums (5 mins Pecha-Kucha format) should relate to:

- Museums that have positioned themselves against xenophobia, extremist politics, or injustice in their immediate surrounding/community.

What does that mean for the museum as organisation, for its staff, external stakeholders and funders? What kind of risks did you face and what were the benefits? We would be pleased if you share your experiences, questions and ideas, successes and failures with us. We encourage you to use new learning formats and active mediation formats.

Please submit the following information together with the abstract:

Name of the author
Organisation andcountry
Title of submitted proposal
Synopsis of the proposal
Biography of each presenter (max.100-word)

Members of the conference committee will assess all submissions by 21 June 2019 and you will be notified whether your proposal is accepted or not. Selected candidates will also receive further practical information about travel and accommodation.

Click here to find more information about the conference on NEMO's website.