What to Make of Culture in Our Times? - A Civic Conversation. Voluntary Arts Ireland, Stormont, Belfast (Talk)

Posted: Monday, 03 September 2018

Voluntary Arts Ireland are hosting a civic converstaion, What to Make of Culture in Our Times?, at The Long Gallery, Stormont, Belfast, on 27 September at 10:30am - 3:30pm. The conversation will be facilitated by Graham Leicester, of the International Futures Forum, and Laurie Randall, of Mediation NI. All are welcome to this free event. Refreshments will be provided.


"We are living in turbulent and trying times. Divisions across social and cultural lines are becoming ever more evident here in Northern Ireland and beyond. Democratic politics is floundering. And feelings of frustration, helplessness and despair among citizens are on the rise.

How to take heart? How to foster practical hope? How to make a difference?

Let's start by talking with each other about things that matter to us as citizens. Let's have an open, creative, civic conversation. Let's have a conversation in a way that models hope and engagement as a counter to the despair and disengagement that pervade contemporary society.

One of the things that matter is our cultural life. Let's think and talk together about what cultural life means to us, with our diverse cultural commitments and identities. Let's imagine together fresh ways of nurturing and encouraging the cultural life of this place."

You are encouraged to come as a local citizen leaving your organisational hat, if you have one, behind.

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