People's Histories? Photography, Public History and Museums, Queen's University Belfast (Seminar)

Posted: Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Centre for Public History,Queen's University Belfast invite to the free half-day colloquium People's Histories? Photography, Public History and Museums on Fri 25 May, 12.30pm-5pm, Old Staff Common Room (lunch provided).

Photography's ability to communicate stories has put it at the heart of public history and museum practice. But do photographs shift both historical storytelling and community engagement in deeper ways? In particular, how can photographic sources best help us to share public history, and how can we use photography to involve a wider public in historical stories? This half day colloquium includes Vivienne Pollock of the Troubles Gallery at the Ulster Museum, Pauline Hadaway of University of Manchester, Briony Widdis of University of Ulster, Dominique Bouchard of the National Army Museum, and Kieran Connell, Olwen Purdue and Lucy Wray of Queen's University Belfast.

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