'Troubles and Beyond' opens at Ulster Museum (Museum news)

Posted: Sunday, 01 April 2018

National Museums Northern Ireland launched the new 'Troubles and Beyond' exhibition and Gallery in the Ulster Museum on Friday 31 March 2018.

It replaces the museum's previous exhibition about the conflict, with many of the artefacts and objects donated by members of the public and on show alongside those from the museum's own collections.

William Blair, director of collections, commented at the launch that the museum's thinking and approach had "evolved" since 2009.

"The most important difference from the previous gallery is that this is now a collection-based exhibition. The gallery's new title ‘The Troubles And Beyond' captures the sense of the impact on society, something we've amplified based on feedback from museum visitors."

Chief executive of National Museums NI, Kathryn Thomson, explained that the Ulster Museum has worked closely with the public, international museums and with universities and academics to curate the new exhibition.

"It's a complex and challenging project that goes to the core of our role and purpose as a museum in this society. Unlike the previous gallery, we are displaying many objects. It's a shared space, multiple perspectives can be represented and multiple voices can be heard. This gallery is a place to start a conversation."

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