Armagh Public Library (History)


Five hundred years of books and art in a Georgian setting, Armagh Public Library was founded in 1771 by Archbishop Richard Robinson. Built to the design of Thomas Cooley, the inscription over the public entrance in Greek means 'the healing place of the soul '. An Act of Parliament called 'An Act for settling and preserving the Publick Library in Armagh for ever' established the Library and its name - Armagh Public Library.

The nucleus of the collection is Archbishop Robinson's own library which contains 17th and 18th century books on theology, philosophy, classic and modern literature, voyages and travels, history, medicine and law. In 2001 the Library received museum status in recognition of its role in the safe-keeping of a wider range of collections, such as Robinson's large collection of engravings known as the 'Rokeby Collection', with examples from the work of Piranesi, Hogarth and Bartolozzi. It houses many Irish artefacts collected by Archbishop Marcus Gervais Beresford during his lifetime. There are other items on view including the Silver Maces presented to Armagh when it became a city for the first time in 1656 and the only foreign flag ever captured on the island of Ireland.

Category: History
Address: 43 Abbey Street
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