14 Henrietta Street (Museum visit)

IMA members and their guests are invited to take part in a special visit to 14 Henrietta Street on the 28th July.

Henrietta Street is the most intact collection of early to mid-18th century houses in Ireland - work began on the street in the 1720s. From Georgian townhouse to Tenement dwellings, 14 Henrietta Street tells the story of the lives of the people who lived there, and how social change impacted on them over time.

14 Henrietta Street has, as a result of the Henrietta Street Conservation Plan in 2006, been conserved and adapted by Dublin City Council for public use. It allows you to see and understand how tenement living developed, through the mass conversion of the mansions of Dublin to house the families of workers not lucky enough to be securely employed in companies who were building housing such as Guinness and the Dublin Artisan Company. It also looks at the development of urban life, including suburbanisation, housing and development policy and the social and cultural life surrounding all of these.

Open to IMA members and their guests, the aim of these peer-to-peer museum visits is to highlight new developments and key projects, along with providing a learning exchange opportunity and an opportunity to explore different practices. The visit is limited to 20 participants so early booking is advised.

Admission is free but pre-registration is required, click here to make your booking.

Location: 14 Henrietta Street, Dublin 1
Date: Saturday, 28 July 2018 - 28 July 2018
Price: Free admission, IMA Members