2007 Annual Conference: Science, Technology and Society – the role for museums

Friday 02 March - Sunday 04 March 2007

This conference will address issues relevant to the Irish museums community concerning science, technology and society and the role of museums. The status of science is challenging Irish museums just at a time when society is reliant on science and technology for its survival. The public interest demonstrates their need to be made aware of key scientific issues in order to make informed decisions about life and the environment. Museums have a role to aid this process by using their collections to illustrate how science and technology affects people’s lives. What is the dynamic relationship between science and art, technology and museums? How do we gain access to new knowledge? What is the place of new technologies in promoting collections? These questions will be answered at the Irish Museums Association Annual Conference. The Irish Museums Association Annual Conference 2007 is being held in Dublin to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Natural History Museum.