Collection Management Services, National Library of Ireland (tender)

The National Library of Ireland proposes to engage in a competitive process in order to establish a multi-operator framework agreement for Collection Management Services. Response deadline is 18 September 2017.

The services are grouped into 5 Lots to enable the National Library of Ireland to select appropriate service providers at the time of a mini-tender. The 5 Lots are: 1. Metadata Creation, QA and Enhancement; 2. Processing; 3. Digitisation; 4. Preservation; 5. Project Management. There is no minimum or maximum number of Lots that tenderers can bid for in the case of Lots 1 to 4 but tenderers cannot bid for Lot 5 (Project Management services) on its own.

Lot 1: Metadata Creation, QA, and Enhancement

Includes the creation of descriptive metadata for all Library material, including digital material e.g. websites archived as part of NLI's web archiving programme. The NLI maintains all descriptive metadata in MARC21 format in its Library Management System, Virtua. Depending on the nature of the project covered by the mini-tender,creation of metadata outside of Virtua for mapping to MARC21 may be required. Listing of certain NLI collections may also be required under this Lot.

Lot 2: Processing
Material acquired by the NLI undergoes a number of processes on its journey through the Library. Amongst key processing activities are sorting, stamping, labelling, barcoding, box-making, shelving
and shelf checking.

Lot 3: Digitisation
The NLI recognises the importance of developing its digital collections and aims to maximise access to its resources and to enable our users to work with our collections in new and innovative ways. The specific processes, outputs and standards used for digitisation will be specified and agreed as part of each mini-tender process. Depending on the material being digitised and the nature of the project covered by the mini-tender, this activity may take place onsite or offsite.

Lot 4: Preservation
This activity may include cleaning, boxing, bar-coding, security tagging and labelling.

Lot 5: Project Management
In addition to the specific activities described in Lots 1-4, for some mini-tenders the Library may request the provision of dedicated Project Management resources to co-ordinate and manage the activities and to ensure timely completion of the project deliverables specified in the mini-tender

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