Annual Conference

The IMA organises a themed annual conference each spring, offering an opportunity for members of the museum community to meet, network and discuss issues of relevance for the Irish museum sector.

Please note change of dates. The 2017 Annual Conference will take place in Galway on 3-5 March 2017, in association with Galway City Museum.

This themed conference will look at the role of, and the relationship between, the Contemporary Museum and Cultural Tourism.

Cultural heritage tourism is one of the key players within the tourism industry and is a powerful economic development tool. With a large percentage of visitors to Ireland participating in cultural activities through visits to museums, the appeal of our collection-based institutions on both a national and international level is beyond doubt. Challenging economic times, however, require our museums to gain a better understanding of the heritage tourist behaviour, to provide insightful information leading to the ability of museums to create effective sustainable development strategies. Museums are now required to focus on issues such as self-generated revenues and marketing opportunities, while continuing to meet their collection, preservation, research, exhibition and education mandates. This conference will examine and debate the principles for successful and sustainable cultural heritage tourism and the museums' role in its development. How museums can attract visitors while at the same time preserving the authenticity that makes them unique and attractive in the first place.

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The IMA have issued a call for papers fpr the annual conference 2017, click here for details.