Annual Conference

The IMA organises a themed Annual Conference in spring each year, offering an opportunity for members of the Irish museums community to meet, network and discuss issues of relevance for the Irish museum sector.

2015 Annual Conference - Museums in Society: Navigating Public Policy

27 February - 1 March 2015 - The Annual Conference will take place in Belfast and examine how museums respond to, and negotiate, policy directions. It will focus in particular on museums' role in relation to social inclusion, education, economic regeneration, and tourism agendas.

Invited speakers and conference participants will share their experiences and expertise on the interdependent relationship between government bodies and museums: the ‘mirror and lamp' effect whereby public policies both reflect and guide the functions and missions of the museum and vice versa. The conference will examine how museums can better position themselves to reflect changes within society and in government policies, while at the same time performing their historical roles of custodianship, presentation and scholarship. How should museums approach the difficult task of fulfilling these multiple, and sometimes competing, functions?

There is a call for short papers for the session on Friday 27 February.

Saturday 28 February will comprise talks by invited speakers.

Sunday 1 March will include speciality visits to local attractions.

Enquiries to IMA Administrator Ms Gina O'Kelly at +353-1-4120939 or click here to send an email.